Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques 1.: Have I to register in MEF Application 2018-19?
Ans.: Yes, you have to register in MEF 2018-19 once, even if you have registered in earlier year(s).

Ques 2.: How can I register in MEF 2018-19?
Ans.: For registering, you have to follow the below process:

  1. Click on “Register”

  2. Select the type of Applicant: Sole Proprietor / Partnership / LLP/ Individual

  3. Depending on the type, applicant will have to enter MRN and Date of Birth / FRN and Date of Establishment

  4. System will validate FRN/ MRN and DOB/ DOE and after successful validation, applicant will require to fill Email id and Mobile number (enter the Email id and Mobile number which are active).

  5. One time password (OTP) will be sent at above contact details.

  6. Applicant will fill the OTP and press the button “Verify OTP”.

  7. On verification, applicant will enter a password for this application and confirm the same.

  8. And then click the “Register” button.

  9. You will be registered thereafter and will enter into the MEF application automatically.

  10. For next time onward, you have to login by entering MEF No. / FRN / MRN and Password.

Ques 3.: How can I start filling MEF 2018-19?
Ans.: After registration an applicant will directly enter into MEF Application- Advisory will open and on clicking “Next“, Page 1 of MEF Form will open. Every applicant has to register in MEF 2018-19 once and thereafter will automatically enter in the application immediately.
Once registered, an applicant can enter into the Application by clicking at “Login” by entering MEF No. / FRN / MRN and Password. The form will proceed by clicking at “Next” button at the bottom or selecting the desired page from the tool bar at the top.

Ques 4.: Do I have I to fill the whole form at one go only?
Ans.: The application provides the facility of saving the single pages. So an applicant can fill the form as per his convenience and save page-wise by clicking the “Save” button at the bottom of each page. The saved pages can be edited any number of times before the Final Submission of the Form.

Ques 5.: Can I verify my Form before Final Submission?
Ans.: Yes, an applicant can take a print of the complete form for verification by clicking at “ Print Application Form” and after his satisfaction can finally submit the Form.